Words Starting With Alphabet F

"F" is sixth letter and fourth consonant of the modern English alphabet, its a constant and can be used to represent "Sixth Grade" or sixth in a series or row. The origin of "F" is the Semitic letter vâv (or waw) that represented a sound like /v/ or /w/. Graphically, its shape is life a hook. "F" also represents a grade that indicates failing status.The English language alphabet after "E" and before "G". Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter f. "F" in capital and "f" in small alphabets. An example of "F" is the letter that ends the word surf or the letter that start the word forex. "F" is the symbol for the element fluorine and abbreviation of Fahrenheit.
Word being searched now starting with alphabet "F" are:
Foster-brother n, Fox-hound n, Flunk, Forestall, Formed, Fingered, Fall session, Fishwife, Felting, Fed,


Words Beginning With F

List of Words Beginning With Alphabet "F"