Words Starting With Alphabet B

"B" is second letter of the modern English alphabet and importantly it is first constant letter of English. B upper case and b lower case is pronounced as "bee". Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter b. "B" is also used to show second in a series meaning the second best or the second highest in quality or rank. In science "B" is the symbol used to represent element "boron". "B" is also the symbol of magnetic flux density. An example of "B" is the letter that ends the word "nob" or the letter that start the word "balance".
Word being searched now starting with alphabet "B" are:
Bragging, Blooded, Begets, Birthright, Bricks, Blick, Backslider, Besides, Bearer, Belly-pinched,


Words Beginning With B

List of Words Beginning With Alphabet "B"